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June 2024



Tag: Problems

Learn to forgive

You can’t go back in time and change the past, so feelings of regret and guilt are, in my opinion, a waste of energy. Most people handle situations in the only way they know how, or as best they can at the time, so blaming them makes little sense. Instead, use your precious energy to […]

Build on the positive ….

…rather than only trying to eradicate the negative When you get rid of a problem or a bad habit, you will be left with free time. If you have not thought about how to fill that time productively, the chances are high that your difficulties will recur. Therefore, when you’re formulating a plan to deal […]

Seek role models to inspire you

The most powerful role models in our lives will almost always be our parents or main carers. This is because we depended on them for our very existence when we were young, so we observed carefully and valued hugely everything they did. However, for reasons I don’t fully understand, later in life we tend either […]

Clarify your aims

It’s difficult to remain motivated to do the hard work involved in making life changes – in fact, I’ve found it to be impossible – unless you have a clear picture of how you want your life to be when that problem is sorted out. That’s why I always ask my patients early on in […]

Break your problem down into smaller parts

Many people feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the apparent enormity of the difficulties they face. However, if you make a series of small changes, things will start to feel more manageable. Choose to do something that will make a positive difference – however small – in your life quickly, say within one week. To illustrate […]