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Mindfulness and memory

How often have you had trouble remembering something you think you should know? Although repeated, increasingly frequent bouts of memory loss can be the sign of something serious, thankfully this outcome is rare. Far more often, memory ‘loss’ is not a loss at all! Instead, it is because we fail to pay attention to what […]

Giving Shape to Your Creative Powers: The Value of Writing

I realised recently that I’d not written a post for some time, and that I was missing it. It’s really important for us to write down our thoughts. Ideas that stay in the mind just fade away. When you write something down, you give it life, and you give it a shape and a form. […]

Mindfulness: Why happiness is not the best outcome

Researchers at University College London have come up with a formula that appears to predict happiness. At first glance, you would think that to achieve this, mindfulness would play a large part. You’re wrong. Here’s the gist of the happiness equation: Happiness can be determined by the size of the gap between some achievement or […]

Psychology of winning: attitude plays a far greater role than many of us realise

Yesterday was a great day for British swimming, when 13 year old Erraid Davies won a bronze medal in the 100 m SB9 breaststroke in Glasgow. Listening to some of her interviews reminds us all of the power of a determined and positive attitude. I don’t know if Erraid fixed her mind on winning per […]

Stress. Is our ability to cope inherited or learned?

As you’ve probably guessed, our ability to handle stress depends on both genes and learning–not on just the one or the other. Fortunately, the genetic contribution is easy to understand, and the learned bit can be changed, so in truth, you have lots of control over how well you can handle stress. Let’s start with […]