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Psychology of winning: attitude plays a far greater role than many of us realise

Yesterday was a great day for British swimming, when 13 year old Erraid Davies won a bronze medal in the 100 m SB9 breaststroke in Glasgow. Listening to some of her interviews reminds us all of the power of a determined and positive attitude. I don’t know if Erraid fixed her mind on winning per […]

Stress. Is our ability to cope inherited or learned?

As you’ve probably guessed, our ability to handle stress depends on both genes and learning–not on just the one or the other. Fortunately, the genetic contribution is easy to understand, and the learned bit can be changed, so in truth, you have lots of control over how well you can handle stress. Let’s start with […]

Mindfulness? Learn it from your children

Mindfulness means paying attention completely to the present moment. It means being fully absorbed in what’s going on right now–without judging or criticising. Just being here, right now, fully awake and aware–that’s mindfulness. And that’s children. The younger the child, the more often he or she is mindful. Children become completely absorbed by whatever they’re […]

Why It’s Not a Good Idea to ‘Practice’ Mindfulness

Mindfulness is everywhere. There are workshops, seminars, and courses on mindfulness at every turn, not to mention a steadily growing number of self help books on the subject. However, unless you are introduced to mindfulness properly, you may well end up feeling more stressed when you try it, rather than less! Why is this? Mindfulness […]

Is love hard work?

The Daily Telegraph has published an article today about Cheryl Cole’s engagement, exploring whether it is wise to commit after knowing someone only briefly. This is a great opportunity for me to begin a series of blogs using my favourite book, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. In this book, villagers pose 26 questions to their […]